Top 3 most expensive cryptocurrencies in the world

The cryptocurrency market is rightly considered one of the most interesting and promising for investment. Despite the serious volatility, investing in virtual money provides high returns, which are significantly higher than any alternative investment options.


What cryptocurrency to invest in?

As noted, the virtual money market is subject to strong fluctuations. Therefore, when answering the question of which cryptocurrency to invest in now, it is necessary to analyze the dynamics of the rate of different coins at once for several years. Focusing on short-term data is fraught with a sharp increase in risks and serious financial losses.

An important consequence of the volatility of the market under consideration is the difficulty of predicting scenarios for the development of further events. Therefore, most of the specialists prefer to limit themselves to the allocation of several virtual coins, which are among the most promising for investment. Today, the top cryptocurrencies for investment include 3 of them, and each deserves a separate and more careful consideration.


Bitcoin (short name – BTC)

The most widely known and “promoted” token in terms of information. The first cryptocurrency developed and introduced to the global financial market. Considering the course of Bitcoin from its inception to the present day, it is possible to draw a simple and obvious conclusion. Despite strong fluctuations and multiple drops in the value of the coin, the overall dynamics are clearly positive. Therefore, in the long term, investments not only pay off, but also bring very high returns. The main danger of investing in Bitcoin is the very likely crowding out of the first cryptocurrency from the market by more modern and technologically advanced competitors (the main one is next in the list). But now it is somewhat premature to talk about this. Bitcoin continues to occupy almost half of the total world cryptocurrency market (48.59%), and its capitalization is almost $ 746 billion.


Ethereum (short name – ETH)

The second most popular and capitalized virtual currency in the world. The share of Ethereum at the end of July this year is 17.74%, and in monetary terms – $ 271.5 billion. Ethereum’s value is constantly growing, outstripping most other virtual coins, while experiencing falls and crashes much less often. The success of the cryptocurrency in question is due to several factors. Among the main ones are the following:

  • stable increase in the exchange rate and market share;
  • the release of version 2.0, announced for the second half of 2021;
  • the possibility of developing decentralized applications based on Ethereum, which dramatically expands the scope of practical use of the token.
  • The only serious drawback of cryptocurrency is the high level of commission costs. The developers of the coin declare its decline after the release of ETH 2.0.


Litecoin (short designation – LTC)

A unique cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin protocol. The reason for the development of the token was the desire to make working with the coin more convenient and faster. The processing speed of transactions with Litecoin is about 4 times higher than with BTC. Despite this, the position of the cryptocurrency on the market can hardly be called the leading one.

For example, the share of LTC in the total capitalization is only 0.61% or $ 9.3 billion at the end of July 2021. This development of events suggests that the coin has not yet exhausted its growth prospects, and therefore deserves attention as a potentially interesting investment direction.