The Area 51 Research Center was a private clearinghouse for information about Area 51, government secrecy, the paranormal, certain UFO claims and tourist information on the southern Nevada area. When the site's domain registration expired the site disappeared from the web. The new owners of the domain as as fascinated with Area 51 as was the original creator of the site.
Content is form the site's 2001 - 2002  archived pages.





The Area 51 Research Center is a private clearinghouse for information about Area 51, government secrecy, the paranormal, certain UFO claims and tourist information on the southern Nevada area. I run the retail shop of the ufomind online bookstore located in Rachel, Nevada. Glenn Campbell, my boss, started the store in September of 1993, and soon afterwards the ufomind website. Glenn was one of the first serious researchers to delve into the Area 51 lore, which led to several investigators and himself joining together to become the Groom Lake Interceptors. It was their aim to shed light on government secrecy and some of the outlandish claims made about the hidden base. The information they gathered and their exploits are now as legendary as the base itself. The Interceptors are now dispersed, but the individuals still do their own separate research into government secrecy. Glenn now lives in Las Vegas and runs the online bookstore full-time. For more information on Glenn and the Groom Lake Interceptors link here to

My purpose for this site is to give current updates, rumors and to inform people as to what is available in Southern Nevada. Much of the information I have published here, and what I tell people about in the shop, is from those people I have already mentioned. I will not try to fool anyone (as many have), what is presented here is from others putting out the effort and risking their own necks. I am deeply indebted to those brave souls for their initial research, and especially to my boss, Glenn Campbell, for giving me the opportunity to run the store in Rachel.I also want to mention that this website is supported by the input of many people. I appreciate the input by those people, and want others to join in the research being done. I am but one lone person at the Research Center, so any help that is offered is always welcomed.



Area 51-Dreamland Logo   1968 USGS Aerial Photo   Area 51-Dreamland Logo

1991 satellite photograph by the United States Geological Survey of Area 51

The Location of Area 51
"Area 51" is a secured base located within the Nellis Bombing and Gunnery Range in Southern Nevada, America's largest military range. Area 51 was built to the south of a dry lake bed named Groom. Their land mass encompasses an area that is sixty square miles. Nellis is an Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada. The restricted part of the Range is 3,000,000 acres(4,687 square miles). To give you an idea of its relative size, it's slightly smaller than the state of Connecticut (at 5,009 sq. mi.), but larger than Lebanon (at 4,016 sq. mi.).


The restricted area is more than a third of the whole Military Operating Area (MOA), and as a total, the Nellis Range equals 8,000,000 acres of airspace(12,500 square miles), larger than both the state of Maryland (at 10,577 sq. mi.) and the country of Belgium (at 11,780 sq. mi.).


Now you have an idea of why Area 51 is located where it is, in one of the least densely populated state in the continental US, the largest military range in the US, and close enough to a major metropolitan area to easily ferry workers to and from it's location.

The Official Stance On Area 51
Watertown, in which the CIA had named the base, was started in 1955. The Atomic Energy Commission released acover story to conceal the construction of the new facility. They claimed it was being contructed under the direction of the Atomic Energy Commission as a Nevada Test Site installation. It wasn't until 1958 that the land was officially taken over by the AEC, but it was still being run by the CIA and the Lockheed 'Skunk Works' for it's spy planes. The government officially denied there was a facility at Groom Lake until 1994. That's when a law suit was filed on behalf of workers who had died, or were dying, of exposure to toxic chemicals. Area 51 had been burning their waste and classified materials for years. In 1995 President Clinton signed the first annual exemption of the Groom Lake facility, exempting it from Federal, State, Interstate and local environmental laws. It has been re-exempted every year since then. The military's current stance is not to lie about the facility, but to ignore the whole issue altogether.

Public Opinion Of Area 51
For years aviation and ufo buffs had heard rumors about the secret base, but it wasn't until the advent of the 'alien craze' of the early 1990's that it became a mainstream item. Science fiction shows such as the X-Files, Dark Skies and Stargate mentioned the base along with a multitude of movies and even television commercials. By 1995 it wasn't just a household name in America, it had reached a world-wide status.

The Transports Into Area 51

The Janet Airlines

The Janet Airline Patch  The Janet Airline Terminal, Las Vegas


The majority of Area 51's workers live in Las Vegas and are flown to the base from the "Janet" terminal of McCarran International Airport. The terminal is unmarked, fenced and guarded by the same security unit that guards the perimeter of Area 51. The Janet airlines are a fleet of unmarked 737-200's. Each weekday there are from 10 to 20 flights that take workers to and from Area 51 and the Tonopah Test Range (Area 52). Tonopah Test Range is also within the restricted area, about 60 miles to the northwest of Area 51. The Janet terminal is clearly seen from the main terminal area of McCarran, and from the larger casinos on the south Strip. 

The Area 51 Worker Bus


The Groom Lake Road Bus

Las Vegas is not the only place Area 51 workers reside. Just about every small town that rings the Restricted Area has someone who works there, including Rachel. The workers from the towns east of Rachel take an unmarked bus into the base every weekday. The bus starts in Alamo where it picks up the majority of people, then heads to Crystal Springs, where the workers from Caliente, Panaca and Pioche are picked up. From there the bus travels over Hancock Summit and down the Groom Lake Road where it crosses the Restricted Border around 5:45am, Monday through Friday. The bus comes back out of the Restricted Area at 3:45pm, taking the workers back home. 

Area 51 Security Systems

The Area 51 Boundary Guards

The Area 51 Security Guards

Area 51's perimeter is guarded by an anonymous security unit. There has been a lot of speculation as to who the guards are, some suggest that the guards are military police, but most suggest that they are from a civilian security contractor. There was early speculation that they were private security from the Wakenhaut Corporation. What I have found about the Wakenhaut Corporation is that they have the security contract for the Nevada Test Site and that George Wakenhaut himself had always wanted the contract for Area 51, but could never get it. I have made friends with several security personnel from some of the other areas in the Nellis Range and they all state that Area 51 is guarded by EG&G; personnel.

Groom Lake Road Magnatometer

The Area 51 Security Sensors

Along Area 51's perimeter and roads leading to that perimeter are many variying types of sensors to keep track of people in the area. Groom employees that I have talked to refer to that area as the "electronic fenceline". The main border area around Area 51 is the east and north foothills of the Groom Range. It is not a fenced area, it is marked by orange posts every 200 feet, the minimum state requirement for a restricted area. Among the known detection devises are- magnatometers that detect large metallic objects crossing their path, geophones that detect ground vibrations, electro-optical trip sensors that are tripped when their path is crossed, and amonia sensors that can distinguish the perspiration between an animal and a person.

Groom Lake Security Helicopter

The Area 51 Security Helicopter

Groom Lake has, among other aircraft, a HH-60 'Pave Hawk' that is seen occasionally patrolling the boundary. Myself, I have only seen it on special occasions, like when motorcyclists are riding rear the boundary line. I suppose it is emplimented with more sophisticated detection equipment that the 'cammo dudes' have.


The Area 51 Employees

The Operators Of Area 51

The Central Intelligence Agency  The National Security Agency

From history we can assume that the original operators of the U-2 and A-12 programs, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), are probably still operating there. They would be running the third generation reconnaissance aircraft project, if one does exist. From there we could also assume that the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) would also be there to deal with the images and information obtained by those spy planes (the rumored "Aurora"). Also add to the list the National Security Agency (NSA). The CIA, NRO and the NSA would be the information retrieval and deciphering units. Glenn Campbell came up with the most important information to date as to which military unit operates at the base. According to information obtained by Campbell, a detachment from Edwards Air Force Base, Detachment 3 of the Air Force Flight Test Center (DET 3 AFFTC). The information was aquired when Glenn was doing research into the guard unit that patrols the outer perimeter of the base.


The Possible Civilian Contractors Who Operate At Area 51


For the actual development of advanced aircraft and the rumored energy weapon programs would take an extensive group of design/fabrication and test/evaluation units that would be, probably, the known defense contractors- Lockheed Martin, Northrup, Boeing, Hughes, and others. Definitely the Lockheed "Skunkworks", who were the first contractors at Area 51. Also because of the shear size of the Groom Lake facility, a host of maintenance personel would be needed on a daily basis. Those could include such companies as EG&G;, Bechtel and RECCO.


Visiting The Area

My first advise to visitors is to stay away from the community of Rachel. It is a haven for criminals. I lived in that community for four years, and living in a town of only 60 people, I soon learned of the residence's activities. Because of it's isolation, and the fact that the local county police ignore the area, it has become a safe-haven for those involved in criminal activities. To complicate this, the police know of the many illegal activities, but they also admit that noone in the town will help them in gathering information. The police thus figure (rightly so as I found) that the whole town is involved with or at least condone the illegal actions. Rachel harbors several drug addicts, a drug dealer, another drug dealer who also runs a meth lab; several people who are faulsifying military backgrounds; not to mention the thieves, liars and cheats than are involved in the 'alien' trade. I would roughly estimated a full quarter of it's population is involved in something illegal. The rest are as much to blame because they cover up for the criminals or ignore the situations.

If you want to check out the area around the Groom Lake facility, use these directions below.

From Las Vegas

You want to just see the area for the day-
From Las Vegas head northeast out of town on Interstate 15 North. About 25 miles outside of town, you will come upon the turnoff to the north marked Highway 93. Turn and follow for 70 miles until you come upon the small town of Alamo, where you will find food and fuel. Two gas stations are available- the Chevron at the south end of town that also includes a grocery store and deli. To the north end of town is Del Publo Truckstop, where fuel, convenience store and a restaurant are located. The restuarant serves excellent Mexican and American dishes at reasonable prices. North from Alamo, the next stop is Ash Springs which also offers fuel, convenience store and a very good deli. North of Ash Springs will be the tunoff to Rachel. The road will be Highway 318, follow for 1/2 mile to 375 turoff. It's unmistakable, it's where you'll see the "Extraterrestrial Highway" sign, turn here. Follow Highway 375 over the Hancock Summit. The road you will see streaching off across the valley is Groom Lake road. Slow down as you approach the start of the road, which is at mile marker 34.5. If you want to see Area 51's boundary, follow the road down 13 miles to where the warning signs and security guards are. DO NOT PASS THE WARNING SIGNS. You will be arrested if you do. It is OK to take photos of the warning signs, the guard on the hill to the right, and the surveillance camers to the left. If you are interested in the 'Black Mailbox' (now white), follow the dirt road back to the beginning and turn left for five miles (mile marker 29.5), the mailbox will be off to your left.

You want to stay in the area overnight or longer-
There are several options here. One is to stay in a motel. The town of Alamo has two decent motels. One is the Alamo Auto Motel at the southern end of Alamo. Call (775)725-3336 for reservations. The other is the Meadow Lane Motel in the center of town. Call (775)725-3371 for reservations. Another option would be to come out in an RV, either to dry-camp in the desert or to park it in an RV park. Alamo has a RV park on the road that turns off from the Chevron station/market. Ash Springs also has an RV park behind 'R' Place. For dry camping there is either the Mailbox area or another wider spot at mile marker 32.3 (my favorite). Those offer better views of the 'Dreamland' airspace than the boundary area where you will run into blockage problems from the hills.

From Tonopah

and-You want to just see the area for the day-

I would suggest eating in one the several restaurants in Tonopah before you leave, and filling up with fuel. If you are planning on circling back after seeing the restricted area, you are looking at a total of 296 miles. The best thing would be to complete you journey from the restricted area through to Ash Springs or Alamo where you will find the next fuel (184 miles to Ash Springs or 190 to Alamo). Follow Highway 6 north out of town and follow 50 miles to the deserted community of Warm Springs (no services) where the turnoff to the "Extraterrestrial Highway" is. Follow for 80 miles (bypassing Rachel) to mile marker 29.5 where the "Black (White) Mailbox is located. Another 5 miles past this, at mile marker 34.5, will be the start of Groom Lake Road. Turn down and follow for 13 miles to the Groom Lake facilities boundary. DO NOT PASS THE WARNING SIGNS. You will be arrested if you do. It is OK to take photos of the warning signs, the guard on the hill to the right, and the surveillance camers to the left.You want to stay in the area overnight or longer-
Again, as above, rent an RV (possibly from Reno) and dry camp in the Tikaboo Valley, or stay in one of the several motels in Tonopah.




1988 Edition. The green colored lines represent restricted airspace boundaries. The dotted line represents ground restricted boundaries. The ECE (Electronic Combat Range East) is the where the front-line threat area is recreated for the fighter and bomber units that are training at Nellis Air Force Base. The units in this area recreate varying threat simulations including AAA (Anti-Aircraft Artillery) and SAM (Surface-To-Air Missiles) sites. The Air Force recently decided to put in a dirt landing strip in this sector to more accurately simulate combat drops of troops and suppies. There is such a strip near Alamo, but it's distant location from the Cedar threat units don't accurately portray a combat-like atmosphere. On the map, the new strip is to be somewhere around the large EAST letters, probably right above them.
The ranch on the road going into the Cedar Gate/Pass area (Cedar Gate Road) is the Cedar Pipeline Ranch. It was the wintering home of the local ranching family, the Filinis(sp?). It's an excellent place to view the training/warfare exercises that frequent the Nellis Range.


Area 51 Closes?

In June 1997 a Popular Mechanics article stated that Area 51 had closed and moved into Green River, Utah. It was entitled "The New Area 51", written by Jim Wilson, the technology editor for the magazine. The report couldn't be further from the truth. I have lived in Rachel, Nevada (the closest town to Area 51) for more than two years now and I have seen no let up of activities in that time. The standard traffic is seen coming and going every weekday, which includes the worker transport bus from Alamo, supply trucks and heavy construction equipment. Not to mention the 737 shuttle service from Las Vegas. 10 to 20 flights bring workers to and from Area 51 every weekday. Very strange for an "abandoned" base. I have a copy of that article, along with a copy of the video "Inside Area 51", in which Jim Wilson (author of "The New Area 51") is interviewed. Here I will review the magazine article and the conversation and footage from the video and give my own critique.

"The New Area 51"
This article is available on

Wilson- "A dozen miles ago, I passed the solitary steel mailbox that marks the turnoff for Area 51." "Tracing it's line towards the horizon, I see what I've come to find- the back door to Area 51."
Don- As you can see from the map, Wilson took the wrong road. As the story was relayed to me, Jim Wilson came into town to talk with the Glenn Campbell, the best source of information on Area 51, but found him gone. If Wilson would have done his homework before he came out, he would have known that Glenn shut down the Research Center and moved to Las Vegas. Not being able to find Glenn, Jim went to the Little A'le'inn (who are known for there misinformation), and talked to Chuck Clark, the 'Inn's information person. That is where Jim Wilson received his directions. As with most tourists that the Little A'le'inn sends to the border, they sent him down Mailbox road. If Wilson would have followed a map, he would have taken the turn at the junction instead of going straight. Personally I send people down to the beginning of Groom Lake Road and straight down it to the signs so that there is no confusion.

Wilson- "There is no guard post. A cattle gate, the sort you can buy at Kmart, seals the road, but the two heavily tarnished brass locks that secure the gate's chain are no blue-light special. They are strictly military-issue. Rusting strands of waist-high barb wire hang just beyond the gateposts. I had expected something taller, electrified. The warning signs aren't very threatening either. One warns "no trespassing." It's weather-beaten companion cautions me that the Air Force drops real bombs on the other side of the fence. My attention returns to the locks. The tarnish extends inward towards the tumblers, suggesting they haven't seen a key in a while. Perhaps no one comes out here anymore?"
Don- Of course there isn't a guard shack there. There isn't one at the real entrance either. The guard shack on Groom Lake Road is further in past the turns of the hills, which you can't see from the border. As for the cattle gate and the warning signs about bombs, the entrance he ended up at is Range 61, a live targeting range for Nellis Air Force Base. The locks- well it's true, they don't get much use. As I was talking to the guards they told me that they don't want to go out there either because of the undecorated ordinance.

Wilson- "Today, the locals who lunch at the Little A'le'inn after collecting their mail from the line of postboxes that mark the center of this town of double-wide trailers don't see too many strangers. The usual aerial phenomena that once lured tourists have become so rare that the Nevada state legislature had tried to help boost business by naming the adjacent stretch of Route 375 "The Extraterrestrial Highway."
Don- Most of the locals of Rachel, like myself, do not patronize the 'Inn. They have been stung too many times by the owners. I receive from 20-30 people a day, and although it's not a great number, it's been the same way since I got here. The usual air phenomena? We receive almost daily military traffic out of Nellis Air Force Base from Fighter Weapons School to special war games such as Red Flag. If Wilson is referring to air operations out of Groom Lake, he's more of a fool than I thought he was. What is he expecting? Daily visible flight tests from Area 51? If he was, he should surely look for another job. The dedication of the "Extraterrestrial Highway", was purely a PR stunt by Fox Studio to over publicize their movie "Independence Day". It occurred during the time of heaviest hype over Area 51. Hardly done because business was drying up.

Wilson- "Chuck Clark, author of the Area 51 & S-4 Handbook, tells me he thinks the airfield's last secret plane, the Aurora, left a year ago. Bob Lazar- whose picture hangs behind me on a paneled wall filled with autographed photos of other UFO notables and several movie stars- claims the government moved the crashed flying saucer he worked on at the S4 site to a more secret location. Even Glenn Campbell- founder of the Area 51 Research Center and guide to PM correspondent Dane during his trip- has left for Las Vegas."
Don- For one, Chuck Clark came into town as an opportunist. He fed off the work of past researchers, namely the Groom Lake Interceptors. When Glenn Campbell was forced to leave the Little A'le'inn at gunpoint, it was Chuck who copied Glenn's Area 51 patch and the Area 51 Viewer's Guide. Hardly the person to ask for information about Area 51, let alone about the Aurora project. Anyway, to verify a story about Area 51 closing by saying that the last project had left is preposterous. The U-2 program pulled out before it was released. The SR-71 left before it was publicly known. The same with F-117 "Nighthawk". All projects, if released at all, are shipped out to other bases to be operational before the public hears about them. My God, is he using Bob Lazar as a reference? A man that could be telling the world a load of rubbish? Jim Wilson needs to go back to journalism school. Don't use a source who's credibility is questionable, but if so, show that their information is questionable. As for Glenn, he had enough of the town's malarkey and left. The rumors, the lies and the deceit, that is why Glenn left, not because Area 51 moved off. Glenn would be the first one to tell Jim Wilson that it hasn't.

Wilson- "...we think the most convincing evidence that top-secret testing has stopped at Area 51 comes from the Air Force itself. After years of denying the existence of an airfield at the northern end of its Nellis Range, a base spokesman in Nevada and a Department of Defense (DOD) official in Washington, D.C., both tell PM that "training and testing activities take place at the Groom Lake Bed."
Don- Oh my God, they must have moved, they claim it's there! At this point I'm beginning to believe some of the rumors that Jim Wilson isn't just a fool, but this is starting to smell an awful lot like government disinformation. The reason that the DOD had to finally claim Area 51's existence was because of a lawsuit involving the base. Area 51 deals with chemicals and fibers that are classified. They don't want the Environmental Protection Agency snooping around and finding out what those chemicals are composed of. As anyone can figure out, the paperwork would be extensive. And available. So within the heads of Area 51, they decided to burn those waste chemicals. Not only deadly to the environment, it eventually killed several workers. Their widows sued the base, or at least they tried to. It all came to not. The president even signed a waiver exempting the base from Federal and local laws. During the proceedings the Air Force finally admitted to the base's existence, it took them 40 years to do so. Do you really think that because the base is known today that they would just pull it out and move to another location which again will be found?

Wilson-"..,the Air Force had several good reasons to leave. High on this list is the Open Skies Treaty." "It allows the 27 signatory fly their most sophisticated spy planes over one another's most sensitive military bases."
Don- I have talked to Area 51 workers and other Military Intelligence personnel about this. I have been told that everything in Earth's orbit is tracked and that we have the best equipment around for the job. Which means Military Intelligence knows exactly when and what type of satellites are flying over the base. They've had to work their schedule around those fly-bys. The Open Skies Treaty is the same thing. Those countries wanting to fly over sensitive areas has to notify the government ahead of time and set up a date. Not exactly the best way to receive current information. Again, they work their schedule around such flights, so there isn't much of a threat there.

Wilson- "The reason the Air Force couldn't simply burrow into the surrounding mountains to hide their most secret aircraft is an equally compelling reason for it to leave. Three years ago, a group of former workers who had become seriously ill after working at Area 51 asked the government to conduct an investigation to see if they had been exposed to toxic substances. DOD lawyers convinced a judge the information had to remain secret. But Area 51's next-door neighbor, the Department of Energy (DOE), felt differently about such secrets. It had begun to make public previously classified data documenting the effects of Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) nuclear-bomb testing at the Yucca Flats test site. This data showed that long-lived radioactive residues from nearby nuclear bomb tests regularly rained down on Area 51."
Don- Wilson is now confusing two different issues. I don't know if he's doing it on purpose or not. The contamination is not due to radioactive fallout. The last above ground nuclear was performed in 1962 right before the Limited Test Ban Treaty was signed. Area 51 started in 1955, during the height of the atmospheric tests. As I said earlier, the contamination was due to the burning of classified chemicals, and as Jim Wilson points out himself, the government did a grand job of covering it up. The DOE studies at the Nevada Test Site are continuously monitored, the information released is not ground shaking (sorry for the pun). The day Tony Levier told Kelly Johnson about the perfect spot for their new base is the day that Kelly Johnson said, "No way, it's too close to the Atomic Testing Grounds. There's too much fallout." The next day after talking with the AEC the OK was given. What does that tell you? It tells me that they have been working around the radiation since the beginning, and why should they decide, now of all times, to close up shop?

I'll complete this review in another installment.
The Research Center In Rachel Is Closed For Good
The only thing you will find there are lies and ripped off information, so I suggest bypassing Rachel altogether.

The Area 51 Research Center
This website is the product of three and a half years intense research into the phenomenon popularly known as "Area 51". From June 1998 to October 2001 I ran Glenn Campbell's Area 51 Research Center in Rachel, Nevada, a community close to the Groom Lake facility ("Area 51"). Glenn was the first serious researcher to compile information and study the secret base and published that information online through his remarkable website:, his own publications (including the essential Area 51 Viewer's Guide), mainstream publications, and television and documentaries. It was through his efforts that the subject was brought to the public's attention. He started the Research Center as a base for that research in 1993. To pay for the expences of the research, Glenn sold merchandise such as maps, books and "Area 51" trinkets. Glenn left after being a two year resident of Rachel due to the continued harrassment of the locals, most of whom are involved in illegal activities in the isolated community. I left for the same reason in 2001.


Area 51
Because of the secrecy that is imposed upon the base, "Area 51" has become host to many conspiracy stories from the public; including alien habitation, reverse engineering of alien crafts and weaponry, genetic testing, 'New World Order' planning, and other diabolical research. Glenn Campbell came to the area in 1992 to investigate those claims, I took over from him in 1998. While I ran the Research Center, I tried to keep an open mind to these ideas, although I was bombarded by them every day. As you can imagine, some were quite rediculous. When you have an open question such as the Area 51 location, where nothing much can be prooven, all sorts of crazy ideas will be pushed. My conclusions of the past three years are explained below.

The People Involved And Their Claims
My conclusions are based mostly upon the people involved in the field itself and their claims, the 'physical evidence' to back up the claims just isn't there. Not one real shread of proof to these conspiracy stories has been uncovered since their induction. These mostly deal with claims concerning the 'Area 51' base, which is what our main focus was, but some of the claims often overlap into general ufology.The "True Believers"

Most of the extraordinary claims deal with ones of the alien kind. Stories of underground alien bases, joint alien-military operations, captured alien spacecraft and weaponry being tested. The regular 'true believer' has never seen these for themselves, they quote from their favorite author or lecturer for the information. But they do thoroughly believe, and they usually have sightings that varify what they believe. Orange globes dancing in the night skies over Area 51, reports of alien-looking security patrols, tales of visitation and abduction in the area, and the ever-popular "I met or know someone who saw the aliens and/or their crafts at the secret base".

Abduction and Medical Experimentation

Others claim to have been abducted by either aliens or military personel, some on a weekly basis. Most 'abductees' had a nagging feeling that something strange had happened to them at some point, and when it came to the Area 51 visitors, that is exactly what they were hoping for, they came to the area in hopes of a 'visitation'. Tales of disturbed sleep, strange lumps found on the body and other odd things lead some to take the next step. They seek out a hypno-therapist to 'reclaim' the hidden or missing time that they feel was covered up by the abductors. Being that most of those therapists are true believers themselves, the results are questionable to be best. To complicate the process are the authors and lecturers that push this information to the public. When these claims become someone's "bread and butter", their motives should surely be questioned, be it for money or fame.
The 'Evil' Government Conspiracy<br> Some people I met believed they were being followed or manipulated by the government, or the 'secret government'. These claim usually came from anti-government fanatics and/or racists who preech continuously of the evil 'New World Order' and the 'secret societies' who's main goals are to enslave or kill off the populous. They speak of evil technologies being developed at Area 51 for that sole reason. Paranoia, hatred for others, and sometimes, mental insanity are the reasons for their beliefs.

Information Thieves/Pretenders

This is the worst aspect of the field. People who make up stories or have stolen information from credible researchers and manipulated the facts and have pushed their stories off to gullible tourists or enthusiasts. It's a situation I ran into everyday in Rachel. I felt sorry for the poor fools that came into the area seeking real information, but were fed total nonsense and lies. The people pushing such crap are doing so strickly for money and prestige.I now consider all alien claims, or government conspiracy stories associated with "Area 51", as lies, disinformation or simply misinterpretations or wishful thinking from the minds of a sub-culture of paranoia. The majority of the "true believers" who have claimed an alien presence at Groom Lake, wanted it to be real, thus it was real, to them at least. One thought became pervasive during my research- Truth Is Subjective.My own personal belief is that the Groom Lake facility is nothing more than a top secret testing area for advanced aircraft and weapon systems that the government and the military would much rather keep secret than to have in the public eye. The rest, I believe, is disinformation or pure rubbish.



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July 3, 2000
Ross La Haye

"A friend of mine said he saw a show on the Discovery Channel last week which stated that, due to radiation from nuclear weapons testing, Area 51 and Rachel have been evacuated. Is this just a rumor or did it actually happen?"

July 2, 2000
John Tomlinson

"I was wondering if you had a book by Chuck Clark and I think it is entitled the S-4 and Area 51 Handbook. If you do I wonder if it is really very good?"

July 2, 2000
Andre Pache
 (Neufchateau, Belgium)
"We heard something about a guy who goes by the name of Lazar, I think. He said that he had worked on a UFO in a place called S-4. Is S-4 part of Area 51?"

June 22, 2000
Andre Pache
 (Neufchateau, Belgium)
"Down in Rachel, which, I think, is the nearest village from the Area, is there any activity around the place, that you can see everyday? I mean, can you feel the 'presence' of the base?"

May 28, 2000
Kingdom Trust

"How can I contact Area 51, in regards to classified top secret subject?"

May 13, 2000
Coley Foster
 (St Paul, MN)
"Is Glenn Campbell still in the area there?"

April 28, 2000
Howard Reay, 
(London, England) Discovery Channel
"I have heard people claim that there are aliens collaborating with the military inside Area 51. Do you think there is a cover-up going on? Or are you interested in our own secret aircraft?"

April 25, 2000
Willie Zee

"Is there anyway we can get a copy of the Area 51 Viewer's Guide? Is there anyway we can get to the back gate of Area 51, and are we allowed to take pictures? Also are we allowed to get close-ups of the Cammo Dudes?"

April 19, 2000

"Why did the Interceptor's site go down? Was it something as simple as the owner just got tired of the whole thing?"

April 10, 2000
Tim Stokes,
 (London, England) Learning Channel
"A few quick questions- Do you have or know of any photos or video footage of Area 51, from land or satellite?"
"Do you have or know of any purported photos or video footage of 'Aurora' or other 'black project' on land or in flight?"
"Do you have or know of any photos or video footage of the so-called 'cotton balls on a rope'- Aurora contrail?"

March 23, 2000
Philip Felshman
 (New York City, NY)
"I would love to know what happened between Mr Campbell and the owners of the Little A'Le'Inn."

March 22, 2000
Neal Pabitzky

"I saw a clip on TV regarding a small feud between the Travis's and the staff at the Research Center. Could you enlighten me on who the film maker was?"



The Nellis Bombing And Gunnery Range


Nellis is a proud member of the United States Air Force's Air Combat Command. It is home to the largest and most demanding advanced air combat training mission in the world.

Spend some time on the ramp and you will see every combat aircraft in the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps inventories: fighters, bombers, helicopters, airlifters, and command and control - they're all here. Nellis provides training for composite strike forces which include every type of aircraft in the US Air Force inventory. Training is also conducted in conjunction with air and ground units of the Army, Navy and Marine Corps as well as air forces from our allied nations. The crews do not come to learn to fly, but instead how to be the best combat aviators in the world. In the process, the aircrews go beyond the four-ship formations, used at their home bases, to become part of a huge aerial armada of 80 aircraft or more. There are approximately 6,432 military and 2,587 civilians working at Nellis. The base is also home to 13,620 military family members. On average, 1,000 people are on temporary duty at Nellis every day. Everyone at Nellis plays a major role in molding its aerial forces into the "toughest kid on the block." The work is hard, the hours are sometimes long and the temperatures soar during the summer months. Nevertheless, Nellis and the Las Vegas Valley are great places to live and work, and nothing can beat the pride of being a member of the busiest air combat base in the world. Exerted from the "Nellis AFB 2000 Air Show" booklet.

 Exerted from the "Nellis AFB 2000 Air Show" booklet.


The History Of Nellis Air Force Base

A Western Air Express dirt runway, a water well and a small operations shack eight miles north of Las Vegas was the setting of the original site of today's Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.

January 25, 1941, Las Vegas Major John L. Russell signed over the property to the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps for the development of a flexible Gunnery School for the Army Air Corps. The mission of the school, the Las Vegas Army Air Corps Gunnery School (later renamed the Las Vegas Army Air Field), was defined as "training of aerial gunners to the degree of proficiency that will qualify them for combat duty."

A detachment of five officers took up residence in a small basement room in the Las Vegas Post Office building in May 1941. They were staff officers of the 79th Air Base Group, commanded by then Lt. Col. Marinus Stenseth. A month later the military population of Las Vegas Army Air Field more than doubled with the arrival of five administrative NCOs and other enlisted men.
During those first few months, there were no services or facilities at the new base. Enlisted men were quartered in the Work Project Administration barracks in town. Its initial motor pool consisted of six vintage trucks and a semi-trailer often found parked by the barracks. Supply and logistics had not yet been organized and mechanics had to borrow nuts, bolts and old parts from service stations in Las Vegas. Gasoline and oil were borrowed from the Civilian Conservation Corps.

The reasons were many for locating the school near the town of Las Vegas, which had a population of 9,000: flying weather was practically ideal year-round; more than 90 percent of the area to the north was unpopulated public domain and available at $1 per acre; the inland strategic location was excellent; rocky hills approximately six miles from the base afforded a natural backdrop for cannon and machine gun firing; and dry lake beds were available for emergency landings.

Construction of permanent base facilities began in earnest in mid-1941 with barracks to house 3,000 people. By December 1941, there were 10 AT-6 "Texan" trainers and 17 B-10s.
From this humble beginning, Las Vegas Army Air Field grew rapidly. The first B-17s arrived in 1942, giving students their first chance to train in the gun turret of an actual combat plane and providing aircraft to train co-pilots in ground and transition school. At the height of World War II, 600 gunnery students and 215 co-pilots graduated from LVAAF every five weeks.
In March 1945 the base converted from B-17s to the B-29 Gunnery School. The base population peaked in early 1945 with nearly 11,000 officers and enlisted people logged on unit morning reports. Of these, more than 4,700 people were students.

As World War II ended, the base converted to the role of seperating military men and women from service. During 1945 and 1946, thousands of soldiers received their seperation physicals and final pay at LVAAF on their return to civilian life.

Activities at LVAAF continued to wind down until an order put the field on standby status until Jan. 31, 1947, when it was inactivated. In 1948, the base was reactivated as Las Vegas Air Force Base and hosted a pilot training wing. With the advent of the Korean War, the mission of Nellis changed from an advanced single-engine school to one of training jet fighter pilots for the then Far East Air Forces.

In 1950, the base was renamed in honor of 1st Lt. William Harrell Nellis, a young man from southern Nevada, killed in action over Luxembourg Dec. 27, 1944. Nellis was a fighter pilot with 69 missions to his credit. He was 28-years old when he died.
Virtually every fighter pilot and every "ace" who staked claim to a corner of Korean air space called "MiG Alley" and helped establish a kill ratio of 14 to 1, received final combat training at Nellis.

Today, Nellis continues to provide training for composite strike forces, which includes every type of aircraft in the U.S. Air Force inventory. Training is also conducted in conjunction with air and ground units of the Army, Navy and Marine Corps, as well as allied air forces from throughout the world.



Nellis Range Timeline

??? ??, 189? The Sheanhan Family starts to mine on the Groom Range
Jun ??, 1897 John Hancock murders two wealthy travelers on the Groom Road near what will be called Hancock Summit
??? ??, 1898 Second silver vein found in Tempiute Mountain *
Nov ??, 1898 John Hancock is picked up for burglary in Los Angeles, CA. His wife tells the police of the Hancock murders
Jun ??, 1905 After serving seven years in jail for burglary, John Hancock is taken to Pioche for trail for the Hancock murders
Jun 30, 1905 John Hancock is declared guilty of murder and sentenced to to be hanged at Carson City
Sep 22, 1905 John Hancock is hung in Carson City
??? ??, 1905 The pass into Tikaboo Valley from Hiko is named after John Hancock

??? ??, 1940 (early) Construction of the Tonopah Army Air Field is started
Oct 29, 1940 Three million acres (5,000 square miles) are transferred from the Department of the Interior to the War Department to become the Tonopah Bombing and Gunnery Range/Las Vegas Bombing and Gunnery Range by order of President Roosevelt
Jan 25, 1941 Major John L. Russell signs the Western Air Express land north of Las Vegas over to the US Army Quartermaster Corps
??? ??, 1941 (mid) A 3,000 person barracks is build at the Las Vegas Army Air Corps Gunnery School
??? ??, 1941 The Las Vegas Army Air Corps Gunnery School runway is extended to accommodate B-10 bombers and AT-6 trainer aircraft
Jul ??, 1941 The Las Vegas Army Air Corps Gunnery School is activated as an Army Air Forces Flexible Gunnery School
between 1941 and 1945 Groom Lake has two landing fields, one 5,000' and the other 7,000' long. The fields are utilized by the fighters at Las Vegas for training
Jan ??, 1942 An air-to-air training camp is set up for the Tonopah Range at Indian Springs
Feb ??, 1942 The Las Vegas Army Air Corps Gunnery School builds its first aircraft hanger
Jul ??, 1942 The Tonopah Army Air Field is ready for occupancy
??? ??, 1942 Bell P-39 Airacobra units train at the Tonopah Army Air Field
??? ??, 1942 The Las Vegas Army Air Corps Gunnery School receives its first B-17 bombers
Nov 12, 1942 Indian Springs Auxiliary Air Field is withdrawn from public use
Nov ??, 1943 Bell P-39's stop being trained with at Tonopah AAF
Nov ??, 1943 The Tonopah Army Air Field is expanded when it changes from a fighter training base to a bomber training base (B-24 Liberators)
??? ??, 1944 (summer) A Field Test Unit tests glide bombers at the TAAF (first drones?)
Dec 27, 1944 P-47 pilot William H. Nellis is killed during WWII in Europe
Mar ??, 1945 The Las Vegas Army Air Corps Gunnery School converts from B-17s to B-29 Gunnery School
??? ??, 1945 B-24s are swapped in for B-25s at Tonopah AAF

Oct 23, 1945 Tonopah Army Air Field shut down
Jun 11, 1946 The Las Vegas Army Air Corps Gunnery School is ordered to inactivate, but is extended
Jan 31, 1947 The Las Vegas Army Air Corps Gunnery School is closed
??? ??, 1948 The Tonopah Army Air Base is deactivated and sold for scrap

??? ??, 1949 The Las Vegas Air Force Base is reopened
??? ??, 1949 (early) The Red Devils, Nellis' first demonstration squadron, is formed
Dec ??, 1949 The Red Devil team disbands
Apr 30, 1950 Las Vegas Air Force Base renamed Nellis Air Force Base, after William Harrell Nellis
Dec 18, 1950 President Truman establishes the Nevada Proving Ground (NPG) for nuclear weapons testing, encompassing 680 square miles
Jan 27, 1951 Project "Able", the first nuclear weapons test in the Nevada Proving Ground, is detonated at Frenchman's Flat (1 kiloton)
Jun 25, 1951 The USAF's flight research department at Edwards AFB is renamed the Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC)
??? ??, 1952 AEC rep. Kermit Larson writes a letter to Dan Sheehan asking to stay at the cabin at the Groom Mine, insinuating that there were no structures at Groom *
Jan ??, 1954 Nellis' Fighter Weapons School started
Apr ??, 1955 Tony LeVier, a Lockheed test pilot is sent out by Kelly Johnson to find a secret testing area for the CIA's new spy plane, the U-2. He finds Groom Lake. The CIA comes up with the name "Watertown" for the base, Lockheed "Skunk Works" decide on "Paradise Ranch". The base begins to take form
??? ??, 1955 (summer) Construction of a 5,000' runway, hangers and living quarters begin at Groom Lake
Jul ??, 1955 Construction of "The Ranch" is completed after $800,000 is spent on three hangers, a control tower, a mess hall, runway and mobile homes
Aug ??, 1955 Relations between the Sheehan family and the AEC deteriorates to the point of Dan Sheehan asking for compensation for lost work *
Aug 19, 1955 President Truman signs an order that restricts the airspace around Groom Lake. It is an extension of the Nevada Test Site and measures 5 miles by 9 miles
Feb 27, 1956 The Tonopah Test Range area is surveyed by the Navel Air Special Weapons Facility at Kirkland AFB *
??? ??, 1957 Tonopah Test Range starts operations for testing of Sandia-designed weapon systems
Jun 25, 1958 The US Atomic Energy Commission withdraws 38,400 acres from public use (Area 51), under Land Order 1662
Jul 17, 1962 America's last above-ground nuclear test, Little Feller I, is detonated at the Nevada Proving Ground
Aug 05, 1963 The Limited Test Ban Treaty is signed between the Soviet Union and the US
??? ??, 1965 Wackenhut Services Inc. (WSI) receives the security contract for the Nevada Proving Ground
??? ??, 1966 The USAF Tactical Fighter Weapons Center is formed by Tactical Air Command
Jan 19, 1968 "Project Faultless", a one-megaton nuclear test, is detonated in Hot Creek Valley as part of the Central Nevada Test Area, which is abandoned by the AEC
Sep ??, 1969 The Navy weapons storage Lake Mead Base is taken over by Nellis AFB, renamed Nellis Area II

??? ??, 1970 The 820th Civil Engineering Squadron (Red Horse) moves into Nellis Area II
??? ??, 1971 The AFFTC withdraws Bald Mountain (on the Groom Range) for it's microwave radar annex (3 acres)
??? ??, 1972 Tactical Air Command create the Aggressors
Nov 29, 1975 Nellis' first Red Flag exercise starts
??? ??, 1982 (mid)F-117 pilots join the 4450th Tactical Group, the first operational F-117 unit
??? ??, 1982/early 1983 A military jet crashes into Mount Irish
Apr 18, 1983 Four Greenpeace activists cross through Area 51 and into the Nevada Test Site undetected
Oct 28, 1983 The 4450th Tactical Group was declared operational at the Tonopah Test Range
??? ??, 1984 Area 51 illegally seize the Groom Range (89,000 acres) *
??? ??, 1985 Canadian Captain fatally crashes his jet into Bald Mountain
Jul 10, 1986 A Royal Norwegian F-16 crashes in the eastern most corner of the DC Day Park, in Rachel. Pilot was picked up by Jeffrey Fallis of Rachel
Jul 12, 1986 Norwegian F-16 wreckage removed from Rachel
??? ??, 1986 F-22 team is forged
Jun 09, 1988 The Groom Range withdrawal is passed by Congress

Apr 21, 1990 The F-117 "Nighthawk" is released to the public at Nellis AFB
Oct 24, 1990 The USSR performs it's last nuclear test
Apr 23, 1991 F-22 is selected in air superiority competition, YF-23 looses the competition
Sep 23, 1992 The Nevada Test Site performs the "Divider" nuclear test, the last of America's nuclear tests
Oct 02, 1992 President George Bush signs the 9 month moratorium with Russia, banning nuclear weapons tests
Jul 03, 1993 President Bill Clinton extends the 1992 Moratorium, in effect to this day
Oct ??, 1993 The Air Force puts in to withdraw Freedom Ridge and White Sides Mountain, the last places to view Area 51 from the Groom Range *
Aug ??, 1994 The Air Force admits Area 51's existence
Oct 26, 1994 The Air Force releases the press release "Groom Lake Statement" admiting to Area 51's existence *
Apr 10, 1995 Freedom Ridge and White Sides Mountain are withdrawn from public access *
Apr 30, 1996 The "TACIT BLUE" program is declassified by the Air Force
Mar 10, 1996 The Groom Lake Interceptors do a circumnavigation of Area 51
Jul 02 1997 The Nevada Test Site performs it's first "sub critical" nuclear test "Rebound", in effect testing the reliability of the nuclear weapons in storage
Apr 15, 1998 The Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation is established
Sep 09, 2000 Red Flag's 25th Anniversary
Dec 18, 2000 The 50th Anniversary of the Nevada Test Site, dedication ceremony of the Nevada Atomic Testing History Institute in Las Vegas
??? ??, 2001 The Groom Range withdrawal expires