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What does cryptocurrency give us?

All calculations are given in accordance with the statistics published at the time of 2019, because only after the close of the 4th quarter, you can conduct a comparative analysis. In 2019, despite the unstable market situation, BTC significantly outperformed other cryptocurrencies. Performance indicators emphasize the nature of BTC as an effective means of hedging […]


Top 3 most expensive cryptocurrencies in the world

The cryptocurrency market is rightly considered one of the most interesting and promising for investment. Despite the serious volatility, investing in virtual money provides high returns, which are significantly higher than any alternative investment options.   What cryptocurrency to invest in? As noted, the virtual money market is subject to strong fluctuations. Therefore, when answering […]


5 reasons to start doing cryptocurrency

The popularity of electronic payments in the world is growing rapidly, new projects and payment systems appear every month. The foreign exchange market changed significantly when cryptocurrencies began to be traded. These digital currencies emerged in 2009 and have already achieved immense popularity, and their value depends primarily on the demand for them. What is […]

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